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If you are a social media influencer, a celebrity stylist or a celebrity manager, we're happy to collaborate with you.
As you might know already, Johri Fine Jewellery is one of the best fashion jewellery in Indian market with its impeccable finish, luxurious stones, long-lasting polish and modern designs. In terms of exposure we've about 30K+ followers on instagram. We get about 5 lakh users coming to our website every month. We've been on a strong growth trajectory over the last few years.

Collaboration platforms

We welcome collaboration on all platforms, wherever you have the strongest influence.

This includes:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • and more...

Collaboration Types

We are open to all types of collaborations such as barter, giveaway, affiliations, paid etc. Each collaboration request is evaluated on multiple parameters and approved for an appropriate type of collaboration.

How to get started

Pls email your detailed profile and account link on 
Once the team goes through your profile, we will approach you with the next steps. It is possible that you don't hear from us after filling the form. If that is the case you are welcome to apply again after a gap of 6 months.