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Bulk & Wholesale

If you are interested in buying Johri Fine Jewellery in bulk, please contact us on +91 9930899372 or WhatsApp us on +91 7021465157

Johri Fine  Jewellery is the one of the highest quality luxurious fashion jewellery available in Indian Market, so buying it in bulk can be very lucrative & economical. These are some of the ideal scenarios in which people have been very happy after buying our Jewellery in bulk.

  • Corporate gifts if your clients are Senior Executives, Doctors, and Business Partners & HRs. 
  • Return gifts for a family function that you want everyone to remember.
  • Reselling if you serve a premium market segment through your home business or boutique.

If you have not yet seen Johri Jewellery yourself, you wouldn't know the quality of the products that you are getting. So we highly recommend you to first place some retail orders on the website and see the quality for yourself. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that if you wish to resell online, you can't use any of our images, text or Johri branding. If this happens our team will file a copyright infringement claim. All the images and text on our website is covered under copyright and hence cannot be used by any other reseller. You are more than welcome to purchase our jewellery and take photos yourself or through a photographer.